ASD Smart System Main Visual


Alarm Sound Detection

The industry's first ASD (Alarm Sound Detection) security system can detect the shoplifting,
using the tag alarm sound as a trigger. It enables the reliable detection of shoplifting.

And we changed the security system appearance from visible / obtrusive pedestal antenna system
to invisible / low profile antenna system, including over-head antenna, in-ceiling antenna and underground antenna etc. and this leads to an aesthetically pleasing entrance.
and enjoy shopping in a safe and secure circumstances.

Advantages of ASD Smart System ™

gate less

Comfortable shopping atmosphere without obtrusive pedestal antenna.

ASD smart system can install the antennas at over-the-head and under-the-ground in invisible / low profile manner.

So the stores don't need to install the obtrusive pedestal antenna at their entrance, customers can enter the store from the store open entrance.


Reliable ASD (Alarm Sound Detection) anti-shoplifting system

ASD (Alarm Sound Detection) unit adopts the patented state-of-the-art alarm sound detection technology.

Compared to another electro-magnetic signal detection EAS methods, ASD doesn't receive the effect of the environmental electro-magnetic noise and detects the shoplifing with high reliability.

power up

Wide detection range, but energy saving and safety design

The antenna consumes less than 10W of power.
The antenna covers a very wide area, but the strength of the antenna's electric field is less than 1/5 of Japan's radio law limit,
so the antennas have no effect on other electronic devices such as pacemakers which means the antenna is safe.

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