Reasons for choosing Reasons for choosing

Reasons for choice

State of the art security system that protects your brand image

Inside the store


A pedestal antenna-less security system allows for a storefront with more freedom and the ability to maintain brand image. This leads to an aesthetically pleasing entrance and can be installed to all stores.


High sensitive, high performance ASD (Alarm Sound Detection) security system. Long lasting battery life of self-alarming tag.


Pedestal_antenna-less ASD Smart System ™ can provide the best environment for customers who come to the store for the shopping; customers with children, customers using strollers, customers using wheelchairs, customers with service dogs etc. All customers can shop in a safe and secure environment.


We contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society through the development, manufacture and sales of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) /anti-shoplifting system.

Technical capabilities,Manufacturing,Human resources

Technological capabililty

I&T Tech started with the desire to realize the security industry's first Alarm Sound Detection system.
Under the motto of “High sensitivity” “High performance” “Good quality” ,we realized “ASD smart security system ®™”
and continue to develop / improve new products. For the protection of developed technology, we acquire the industrial property right.


I&T Tech is serious about manufacturing and pay attention for the good quality and
Smakes an effort to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society

Human resources

We do our best to realize our customers' requests / needs. We welcome the person who want to work together with us.

Satisfied with the system and you can buy / install.

Reliable support system Reliable support system

After the satisfactory evaluation of the system through the trial usage / installation, you can buy / install the system.
Concerninng the trial usage / installation of the system, please consult our business partners.
We introduce our relevant business partners to you and our business partners take care of the trial usage / installation.
After your installation / operation start of the system, we support you for your satisfaction.